Thursday, 12 August 2010


Unless you got it the same way I did then the chances are that you're wrong.

It's not often that you come across a real bargain like this was and I found out like this. If you read my Freethinking blog regularly you'll know that I'm a member of Amazon Vine -a group of reviewers selected to receive stuff for free in return for a review. There's also a forum for us Viners which can go in some weird and wonderful directions. I spotted a new topic with the title -

-as I'm known for my cativities on the forum, and it directed me (and others of course) to this bargain on Amazon. I ordered 10 packs and then thought what the hell and ordered another 20. Not suprisingly they had all sold out. What really surprised me is that Amazon re-stocked and honoured the orders at the original price and they arrived this afternoon. All six of my cats, plus Daisy the kitten, tucked in.

And the cost?

Well, the total for 30 12-packs (360 individual tins) came to £12.30 which brings the individual tin price at a staggering 3.4p. Three point four pence per tin and it's good stuff.


Coming soon on Cat Rescuing Sunderland: the tale of two white cats, two white kittens, and a ginger kitten and lots of fleas, with photos.

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