Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Sorry, no photographs, thank you.

Last night I was told about a cat (which had just given birth to two kittens) hiding out in a garage at Hetton on the outskirts of Sunderland and I arranged to go up at lunchtime to check it out. I took a cat carrier and cat food with me, the former in the unlikely chance I could catch them, the latter to leave for the person keeping an eye on them to put out for them. I suspected the cat was feral and would be best left where it was. However the one thing I forgot to take was the address, though I was certain I knew it.

I found the street okay but not the right house. After trying several, I gave up, went home, adndrang the person to tell them I couldn't make it today. Let's face it, who likes to admit they're an idiot? But it turns out that she hadn't seen the cat all morning. I passed the information on to Carol who eventually called back to tell me that the matter is now in the hands of an expert in dealing with ferals.

So, back home where we're currently having the loft renovated and which I'll probably write about in my Freethinking blog.

Later that afternoon I got a call from a person who'd been given my number by Susan and off I went again, this time to South Bents on the coast and just round the corner from Star Rescue (see recent post). Just as a precaution I took a cat carrier with me. Apparently a cat had got inside an elderly person's house and got stuck behind a fitted wardrobe. By the time I got there, the two people who were trying to get it had found the cat's owner -it had been missing for three days- and she identified it by its cries. 

The fitted wardrobe was split in two, divided by a dresser with a mirror and it was behind the mirror where the cat was stuck. The lady who had been helping had been trying for two hours to get the cat out. I looked at wardrobe for a moment and -bearing in mind that I am one of the least practical people in the world- reached out, took hold of the bottom of the mirror and raised it up to reveal the cat stuck behind it.

I put the cat in the carrier and walked home with it and its very grateful owner. In the rain. Feeling smug.

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