Saturday, 22 May 2010


This is Sheba after a trip to Roker Park vets yesterday. Her long black hair was getting very tangled and matted and it needed something drastic doing to it.
And this is what she looked like before.
She's big and beautiful and has a very loving nature, with fur.
Or without.
After I'd left Sheba to her fate, I popped along the coast a little way to the house that housed the now-defunct Star Cat Rescue to pick up a cat cage for Carol. Star had been going for 18 years before ill health caused the lady who ran it to stop. The lady and gentleman who inherited the house look after the cats which were left but are taking in no more now. Though they couldn't stop themselves from helping a young ginger cat which had been found with a severe wound under its left armpit where it had caught its leg in its collar. Despite its still healing injuries, the cat immediately ran up to me so I could make a fuss of it.

After that, it was over to Hendon to drop off three neutering vouchers at various places, call in at our charity shop, then pop up to Asda for the week's cat food which I'd drop off at Carol's when I brought Sheba back.

I'll leave you with a photo of a tired Jake.

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