Saturday, 13 February 2010


This morning I borrowed the van and loaded all the donated cat food we had and then went off to  Asda to buy some more. After that, I set off for Sulgrave in Washington to pick up a cat. I'd been there before a few months ago on a similar mission and ended up going in circles. This time I knew where I was going. It was a nice little black cat, nearly 4 years old, neutered and chipped, and very re-homable. Cat loaded, it was off to Carol's to drop it all off.

She had a couple of new ones which I wanted photographs of. This met with varying success as I'm a rotten photographer and cats don't seem to like staying still. So, from the top-

Two semi-ferals who've been there a while and need a home together.
Hiding at the back is Molly, the subject of the previous fraught post.
Slightly blurred is Kitty who recently had her stitches out following the removal of a goitre.
The black and white one who won't look at the camera is a recent arrival, a friendly mature cat who is used to being outside and is a candidate for trying with Lilian. To be discussed with Susan.
Lastly, a nice tabby who is one of two cats who may be rehomed today. The other is Kiki the one I brought from Washington.

After that it was off to the North Hylton trading estate not far from Carol's to pick up a large bag of wood chip cat litter at Pets At Home and a pile of cheap cat food sachets from Aldi, all for my cats. Also got some flowers for Susan from Aldi -it's Valentine's Day tomorrow and also her birthday.

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