Tuesday, 9 February 2010


So I took the trap up to Lilian's and set it. I had my doubts as to whether it would work or not because just breathing on it would trigger the mechanism. I was also concerned about the cat because it hadn't eaten anything in nearly 24 hours and I had visions of it lying dead under the kitchen unit.

Next morning I rang Lillian. No sign of the cat. I arrived there half an hour later in the van with Ian F and some tools. Ian unscrewed the bottom of the unit and declared that there not only was no cat there, it would have been impossible for the cat to get inside it in the first place. 

Next step, check the living room which meant pulling out the heavy wooden tv unit and every other piece of furniture in the room. No Molly.

That only left the bedroom. I looked under the chest of drawers and I looked under the cupboard and so did Ian F. No Molly. At this point I was wondering if Molly had gotten out and that Lillian had been telling us porkies about having seen her and had deliberately put down food so we wouldn't twig. Whatever. I pulled out a dressing table unit and looked along the skirting board which stuck out from the wall by a couple of inches. There, at the far end, her back against the wall, was Molly. I pulled more furniture out, got hold of her by the scruff of the neck and got her out. When I held her in my arms she didn't struggle. To say I felt like a nightmare was over would almost be an understatement. 

We took her to Carol's where she went into a cage, immediately scuttling to the back as far away from us as possible. Now she's there she'll have a chance to calm down and Carol should be able to bring her out of her shell. One thing I do know, she won't be rehomed until we're sure she's ready and the new home will be carefully checked. I let this cat down once, I won't do it again.

As for Lilian, poor soul, she did nothing wrong and we will get her another cat but it will be the right cat for her and we will, of course, keep a careful eye on them.

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