Tuesday, 8 December 2009


We've just got in phone contact with a guy who feeds ferals where he works but also catches feral kittens which he then domesticates for rehoming. He also catches ferals and spays them. He is working with Pawz for Thought but there may be some way we can be of mutual assistance. We'll be seeing him in a week.

Another new contact is a lady who would like to foster cats -one at a time. She sounds ideal and we'll be going to see her again in a week.

On my Igoogle page is a thing called Funny Cat Photos. As I don't have too many photos of my own to put up, I've decided to pinch some of these on an irregular basis when I don't have much to write about.Here's one.

Carol was on the phone this morning, desperately short of food. By sheer coincidence (and this was just after getting back from my morning swim) Susan asked me to take Ann our treasurer down to the shop with a load of stuff for it. Having a captive audience I was able to point out by sheer figures that we should be spending more money on cat food for Carol as we can't rely on donations to make up the difference. I can now spend about 30% more a week.

While I was there I raked around the outside cupboard find a large boxfulls worth of tins. That, combined with another boxfull from our garage, should be enough to keep Carol happy until I turn up on Saturday with around 70 tins from Asda.

Last night I went round to Lynn's to see how the 6 month old kitten was getting on and to take a photo for our website.  Here's the only picture out of 14 that I took which wasn't blurred, along with the accompanying text about him for our website.

Turnip is a lovely, friendly and very lively 6 month old male kitten about ready for neutering. He is into everything -cupboards, fridges, etc- if there is a space he can get into, he'll get into it. He's very playful and doesn't yet realise he isn't supposed to bite and scratch when he does. He also eats everything and has been known to eat a mild chicken curry and an olive. This is not neccessarily good for him and don't ever leave plates of food unattended. But he is friendly and curious and gets on with dogs and cats. Probably not suitable for small children or the elderly, but for anyone used to cats he'll be a delight.

What I didn't mention is that he sometimes uses the bath instead of the litter tray.

Right, I'm now off to drive Andrea home and then I shall get changed ready to go to the pub with my friend Ian (who not one of the other two Ians involved with Animal Krackers but another completely different Ian).

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