Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Saturday we had a tombola in Asda foyer. Translated that means: tombola is a kind of a raffle where you buy some raffled tickets and if the number matches a prize you get it and we were allowed to hold it in the entrance to the local superstore. We made nearly £600.00 whichw as quite good. I was all psyched to spend most of the day there as Susan didn't think we'd have many helpers but in the event we had almsot more than we needed so I went off home. Lest you think I did nothing, I did drive the van there, unload it, and help set up. I also called in a couple of times with more supplies and helped pack it all away at the end.

This morning, I went along to Carol's to pick up two cats for trips to the vets. Both are old with health problems and are the cats that no-one wants. Along with quite a few more, they will be spending the rest of their lives in a shed at Carol's. Here are some photographs of them.

This is Archie whose fur was in such a mess that he had to be shorn. He's fat and can't climb and loves attention that he rarely gets.

This is Hettie who is being tested for thyroid problems. She's old and thin and quite loveable.

These three aren't old and they like snuggling up together but no-one is interested so far.

This one is neither old nor young and is often to be found with the three above. He's friendly if temperamental.

This is Gobollino, young and beautiful and we have her because she attacked a baby; but  she'll go for anyone.

There are more. There are always more.

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