Thursday, 26 February 2015

ALL MY CATS 26th FEB, 2015

All the cats in my house on this day: 1 adult foster, 2 kitten fosters, 7 adult residents.

1. Tash the foster cat, 7 years old, loves cuddles, frightened of other cats, off to our re-homing centre next week.

2. Rhiannon the grey tabby and Tabitha the black and white kitten, sisters, 16 weeks old, available for adoption from 3rd March.

3. The Residents.

Fifi the first to arrive.

Aelfric, the second.

Grey Girl, arrived the day after she was born.



Rikki, who over-grooms himself hence the collar.
Squeak, who rips open everything not in hard plastic, cardboard, or a tin.

Group shots.


Anonymous said...

good work Ian love your puss cats photo rank

Liama Jhons said...

perfect stuff, you are doing a great work Lost and found