Monday, 25 February 2013


Hi Everybody,

I want you to meet L'il Ed, the most perfect kitten-cat in the world.

L'il Ed, say hello to our readers.

I've been fostering L'il Ed for less than a week and in that time he's been neutered and had his first vaccination. I learned something about him in those two trips to the vet -he doesn't travel well. Threw up in his cat carrier both times before he got there. Oh, and I'm calling him a kitten-cat because he's only about 6 months old.

Let me tell you what else I've learned about L'il Ed in the short time I've had him.

He likes affection. A lot of it and he'll let you know it.

He's fine with other cats.
Even if they squash him into a corner.

He likes sleeping on a bed and most mornings I've woken up with him on my pillow.

He'd suit most homes as long as his new owner likes the sound of the description I've just written.

And he's available for re-homing now.

But wait, you ask me, if he's so wonderful and loveable and friendly (which he is), then why aren't you keeping him?

Well, basically the answer is that I'm living in a smaller house than I used to and don't want to get overrun with cats which would be very easy to do so I'm limiting myself to three. There's the two I brought and there's Fifi who I started fostering but decided to keep because she needs a bit more special care. She's very friendly with people but scared of the other cats and will only eat tuna or tuna-based cat food and needs to be with an experienced owner. (I think I mentioned this in the last post.  L'il Ed, however, would fit in happily anywhere (though he doesn't like dogs).

So, if anyone is interested in re-homing him (and I'm also open to a show of interest in Fifi), call me on 0191 5142850 and we'll talk.

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