Tuesday, 1 January 2013


And a Happy New Year to you.

We re-homed a cat, our second to date, on New Year's Eve. I got a call from a guy I used to work with who wanted a cat, the family pet having just died recently aged 18. Within half an hour were all there: me, him, and his two daughters aged 11 & 14. I showed them all the cats and it came down to a choice between Ginger, a talkative young tom, and Tabitha a long-haired grey tabby. One daughter wanted one, the other the other.

And the lucky cat getting a great new home where she'll be loved to pieces was-

-Tabitha, the only cat I don't seem to have a photo of.

so instead, here are two sisters, about 8 months old, currently with Carole. Both are very loving and need to be homed together. They're really quite special.
 The stitches were taken out yesterday and she's made a full recovery.

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